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What's In YOUR Dream?

An A to Z Dream Dictionary

by Michael Vigo

This comprehensive 588 page Dream Dictionary contains over 5000 symbols and is available exclusively on DreamMoods.com. So what are you waiting for? Find out what's in YOUR dream! 



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June 21, 2010



Interior Ink

Black & white


2.6 lbs.


6.0" wide x 9.0" tall




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Reader Reviews:

Have 2 books on dream interpretation, but yours covers so much more, and in depth. Thanks so much for your work in this area of spirituality.  --Helene (February 3, 2015)

Firstly, thank you for your dream dictionary. Your dedication to this delicate art of interpretation and chosen right words fill me, often, with smiles of confirming sweetness. I have been consulting your definitions many a morning for many a year. I feel it is the best and most complete dictionary I have had my hands on (and have had quite a few over the years!) as I am an avid dreamer with firm beliefs that sleep is meant for dreams; another world full of messages. They have always led me forward.  --Melissa (June 10, 2012)  

I totally love the book and it now lives on my bedside table!! Thanks so much again!!  --Andie (September 29, 2010)

Hi! I purchased one of your dream dictionaries. I like the dream dictionary and it comes in handy when I don't have internet access when I travel. So far out of all the dream dictionaries I have purchased, this is the best one that has everything I need in it. Keep up the good work on your website and your dream dictionary. --Maria (September 10, 2010)






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