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epic dreams                 


Recognizing an Epic Dream

How do you know if your dream is an epic dream? If all of the following applies to your dream, then chances are that it is an epic dream. 

1. The dream brings about greater awareness to you, in an unforgettable way.

2. The dream makes you look at life from a fresh new perspective. 

3. The dream invokes strong emotions. 

4. The dream is extremely vivid and memorable. The images are so provocative that you cannot stop thinking about it.

5. The dream fills you with awe as soon as you wake up.

6. The dream remains with you for years and years as if your just dreamt it yesterday.



Type Of Dreams


Epic Dreams

False Awakening Dreams

Healing Dreams

Lucid Dreams


Mutual Dreams


Progressive Dreams

Prophetic Dreams

Recurring Dreams

Signal Dreams


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