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remembering dreams                 


Interpreting Your Dream

Now that you have written your dream down on paper, it is time to disassemble it.

1. Identify the characters in your dreams.  Ask yourself who these people are and what qualities they represent for you.  Many times, the people in your dreams represent aspects of your own self.  Seeing your mother in your dream, may represent your own maternal characteristics.  It may also mean that particular qualities that you see in your mother, you see in yourself as well.  Refer to Carl Jung's Archetypes or Dream Mood's Character dream themes to further your understanding of the characters in your dream. 

2. Ask yourself why you are having this dream at this particular time. Make connections to your waking life situations and draw from the day's events and situations for clues as to why you may be having this dream.

3. Consider the puns that appear in your dreams. The subconscious mind likes to make use of humor, metaphors, and slang in conveying  its meaning. For example, when you see a plane in your dream it could mean that you are feeling plain. Or if you dream that you are making dinner reservations, it could mean that you are reserved or hesitant about. Or if you are passing someone on the road, you may be worried about passing a test. You get the idea!

4. What is the general mood or emotion of the dream? How you feel about the dream is important to the dream's meaning..

5.  Try to reenact the dream and take on the role of the different characters and objects. Start a dialogue with the dream object and express how you feel toward each other.  

6. Circle or highlight any words you believe to be symbolic. Ask yourself, what does this word mean to you. Consult our dream dictionary to further guide you into your interpretation. Sometimes looking up its symbolism will help make the dream more clearer. No dream dictionary can tell you the exact meaning of your dream, but it will help stimulate your own thinking about the symbol. 

7. Create your own list of personal dream symbols and images and what they mean to you. Eventually you may start to see recurring images. However, keep in mind that as you grow, change and evolve, the meaning of your personal symbols can also change. 


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