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dreaming while pregnant: second trimester dreams            


Second Trimester Pregnancy Dreams


In the second trimester, your dreams will reflect your growing bond with your baby, concerns about the baby's health and anxieties over your changing body, 


Giving Birth to An Animal

One very very common dream theme among many pregnant women is giving birth to a kitten, puppy, chick, lamb or some other animal. This dream may be rooted in your fear of taking care of another human being. You may be more familiar or less intimated in taking care of a cat. The dream also serves as a sort of rehearsal of what is to come. 


Giving Birth to An Alien

Another common dream in the second trimester is giving birth to an alien. This dream may be a play on words and describe how motherhood is still a little "alien" to you. You are unsure of yourself. 


You always wonder what your baby will look like and all this wondering can creep into your dream. All you have to go on is a sonogram image of your baby which can sort of look like an alien with its oversized skull and large eye sockets. And so you dream you give birth to an alien.


Teeth Falling Out

As your body changes throughout the pregnancy, your old clothes no longer fit and as you become a little bit clumsier, you start to feel less attractive. Dreams of falling teeth is a reflection of your insecurities with your appearance. 


To dream of your teeth falling out is also symbolic of a loss of control. Although you are excited about your pregnancy, a baby will also create some form of chaos in your life. You feel that things will be in disorder.


Read more about Teeth Falling Out Dreams in the Common Dreams section.


The Ex-Lover

From out of no where, your ex-boyfriend shows up in your dream! This does not mean that you are expressing regrets with having a baby, but it does indicate that you are feeling apprehensive about motherhood which is perfectly normal. Your ex-lover may serve as a temporary escape for you and bring you back to a period where you didn't have such heavy responsibilities. 


Erotic Dreams

It is not unusual for a pregnant woman to have erotic dreams, especially as she gets into her second to third trimester of pregnancy. There are several explanations for these passionate and steamy dreams. One reason may be compensating for lack of sex. As your belly gets bigger, sex can be awkward. You may even be having less sex or the sex is not as satisfying. As a result, your dream images become more erotic to make up for it. A second reason may be due to the fetal movement or contractions, which could actually provoke a sexual response. Another reason for your racy dreams may be attributed tot he physiological changes occurring in your pregnant state. The rise in estrogen levels and extra blood flow to the genitals may be the reason you are having wild sex with some Hollywood star. And yet another explanation for these dreams may be a reaffirmation that you are still attractive and desirable. 


Famous People

A high percentage of pregnant women report of celebrities and other famous people randomly appearing in their dreams. In these dreams, you could be making out with your celebrity crush, going on a trip with the president, hanging out with a big Hollywood star or they are helping with the delivery of your baby. One interpretation of these celebrity appearances may be that you are feeling like a celebrity yourself. Being pregnant, you find that a lot of people are catering to your needs and may even be waiting on you hand and foot. Thus you feel you are living the high life alongside many of the famous people. Another explanation for these dreams may be your desire to temporarily escape from your reality. It is not that you do not want a baby, but sometimes you just don't feel like being pregnant.


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