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Kevin Asks (10/11/11):

I wanted to know if certain figures are different if the sex of them are different. Like nurse, police, and firefighter. Male nurse? Female officer? 

Since our interpretations are based on the actions and values associated with the various professions, it generally does not matter whether the person in that profession is male or female. The interpretation would be applicable to say, both a male and female nurse or male and female officer. However, your reaction to a male nurse or female officer would be much more significant in the dream interpretation.

Mary Asks (6/29/00):

After dreaming, I can be having a conversation and I know what is coming next or what is going to happen. What does it all mean? 

There is no real answer to your question about the deja vu dreams that you have been having. These dreams fall into the category of precognitive dreams. It seems to be an unexplainable phenomenon which occurs more often in women than in men. In a poll in the U.S., about 65% of the population have experienced deja vu. Some scientists think that there is a lag time in our perception of things and what we think of as deja vu is really our mind catching up with ourselves, so to speak.


My dreams have no sounds. Is this normal. Like even when I talk to other people I never like hear it. like telepathic. And people never move their mouth when talking. That's weird.

The way people dream are unique to each individual. Some people dream in color and some people dream in black and white. Some people frequently have lucid dreams and other have never experienced a lucid dream. (Lucid dreams occur when you realize that you are dreaming). And it has also been reported that some people have dreams very similar to as they were watching a silent movie, which seems to be your case. There is nothing abnormal about it. One explanation for your telepathic abilities in your dream is that all your dream images and conjured from your own mind. What happens in your dream, who is in your dream, and what is said are all coming from your own mind. You are like the movie director and you hold the script to your dreams.


What does it mean when you and someone else have the same dream, on the same night, in the same exact location in the dream?

Dream telepathy occurs when you and someone else have the same dream on the same night These dreams fall under the category of paranormal dreams. There is no definite reason as to why this occurs but researchers have offered some explanations.

People who are very close to each other, like twins, mother/child, husband/wife, etc., are usually the ones that report having shared dreams. The details and content of the dream itself and its meaning is an indication of how attuned and bonded they are to one another. But HOW on earth did the same exact scenario appears in the dreams of two different people still remains a mystery. One explanation is that they are experiencing the same things during their waking hours. Thus these shared elements are incorporated in both their dreams.


In my dream, I can only smell and feel this person, but I cannot see them. What does that mean? 

Smell and touch are part of our five senses. Often times, people only remember the visual and auditory aspects  of their dreams. Since your particular dream seems to  stimulate your senses of smell and touch, then it represents a sensual experience. It reflects your need for sensual gratification and physical contact. Consider how you feel about this person. 

David Asks (01/07/01):

My dreams are about things that I have thought about that day, but didn't really give much thought to. I can wake up in the morning and realize that I did think about it the day before but only for a short time. Does this happen to everyone? 

For most people, dreams serve as an outlet to express their feelings and attitudes which they have suppressed during the course of a day. Your day is filled with problems, responsibilities, and errands that you may not have time to stop and cater to every feeling/thought that comes across your mind. Thus these fleeting thoughts may become suppressed or put in the back of your mind. It is during sleep and in your dreams, that these thoughts my creep back up to your conscious mind and fully express themselves. It is a healthy thing and allows your mind to decompress and acknowledge feelings which you may not have time to during your waking hours. 

To some, the parallel between how they felt during the previous day and what occurred in their dreams is obvious. For others, the correlation may be somewhat obscure since the dream language is often cryptic and they are not able to make a connection to the events of their waking life. Nonetheless, this happens to most people whether they are aware of it or not.

Audrey Asks (02/18/01):

What does it mean when you are watching yourself in your dream, as if you were out of your own body watching the dream happen to you? Thanks!

The experience you have just described where you are watching yourself in your own dream is often referred to as "out-of-body-experiences" or OBE for short. Sometimes, it is called "astral projection"

People who have undergone OBE were usually under the influence of anesthetics or some medication. However, this phenomenon can also occur in ordinary, everyday circumstances. There is still no acceptable scientific explanation as to why this occurs. 

As a metaphorical meaning, this dream may highlight your helplessness in a particular situation. You described how you are just watching the dream happen to you. This indicates a lack of control. It could also be a reflection of your real life and how you are just watching life pass you by, instead of participating in it.  Such dreams could mean that you need to take more of an initiative on things.

Misty Asks (03/22/01):

I was just wondering if all dreams mean something . I read in Gustavus Hindman Millers book of 10,000 Dreams Interpreted that to dream of stealing fortold bad luck and loss of character.  Your interpretation means something totally different. Which one should I be worried about?

Gustavus Hindman Millers' interpretations are based on traditional and mythological meanings, while Dream Moods is based more on modern day psychology. It is not my position to tell you which one you should believe. Dreams are personal in meaning and it is always up to the individual themselves to either accept or reject a meaning that we have put out.


I heard somewhere that if you sleep on the right hand side of the bed, you're more likely to remember your dreams.

I have never heard that sleeping on your right hand side of the bed would help you better remember your dreams. There has been no evidence supporting this. However, believing and telling yourself that you will remember your dreams when you wake up is a tool that can be utilized to help remember your dreams. Thus if you believe that you will remember your dreams, then you most likely will.


Hi. Most of the time when I'm not that tired, I always think of things before I fall asleep. But sometimes when a certain moment pops out in my head, I'm not sure if it was a dream or if it was just one of my thoughts. Does that happen or does it even makes sense?

What you may be experiencing is a level of daydreaming which occurs in your semi-awake state. Daydreams consist of spontaneous thoughts. You kind of let your imagination run away from you. You mentioned how you sometimes start to think about things before you fall asleep. These thoughts may sometimes start to take a course of its own and you let your thoughts wander. In doing so, you may start to think and question yourself. Did I just think that?


I was so surprised to stumble upon the same type dreams I have had on your website. I've had the same dream for years that I find a loose tooth in my mouth and one leads to another. Before long my mouth is full of teeth just falling out and I am trying to hide it from others...sounds stupid, but it is very frightening!

It may reassure you to know that you are not the only out there

Chloe Asks (09/02/01):

How could there possibly be a meaning with lucid dreams when you are in control of the dream?

There is great meaning in lucid dreams. Although you are in control of these dreams, your mind is able to readily access the depths of your unconscious thoughts. During lucidity, your guard is let down. It is a great opportunity for you to safely confront your deepest fears. In fact, some use lucid dreaming as a way to cope with a phobia or to improve on their golf stroke. Lucid dreaming allows you to ask question in the dream and how the dream relates to your waking life. So don't dismiss the significance of your lucid dreams.

Janice Asks (10/18/01):

Since most of us sleep while one day turns into the next, what day does the night belong to? If I have a dream at 11pm tonight, yes, I'll assume it's a Tuesday dream. However, the dream I'll wake up to at 2:30am tomorrow, does it belong to Tuesday night or Wednesday morning?

Your dreams most likely directly or indirectly reflect the events and thoughts of the previous day. Thus the dreams you have at 2:30am would more accurately fall into a Tuesday dream even thought technically it occurs on a Wednesday. 


I would like to know more about people who talk during their sleep . Could you give me information or tell me where I could find these information?

Sleep talking is actually not an abnormal phenomenon. A majority of people have actually spoken in their sleep and are just not aware of it. Studies have shown that people who are under a lot of stress experience somniloquy, the scientific term for sleep talking. People with neurosis have a high frequency of talking in their sleep. Sleep talking can vary from single-word utterances to extended narratives or conversations.

Jason Asks (11/08/01):

Do you have info on the Dream People of Malaysia called the Senoi?

The Senoi have been well known for their dream control techniques and their dream theory. They believe that dreams can foretell future events and that when they are asleep, they are able to leave the body and communicate with the supernatural world. When it comes to dreaming, they also believed that the center of the forehead (referred to as Ruuway) plays a significant role. It is also referred to as the "dream-soul".


For the last ten years, I keep having dreams about my ex-boyfriend. What does that mean?

It is not at all unusual to dream of a past love. Your old ex represents a freer, less encumbered relationship where you had less responsibilities. The old boyfriend is symbolic of the positive qualities you experienced during that relationship - excitement, freedom, and youth.

Since you have been having these dreams for over the past ten years, there may very be some unresolved issues in that previous relationship. Perhaps you have left some things unsaid which you wished you had said then.

Janine Asks (11/24/01):

If you remember your dreams often vividly, what does that mean?

Remembering your dream in vivid details could mean one of three things. One is a way for your unconscious to get your attention. In recalling the dreams so vividly, your mind is forcing you to pay attention to the details and start to ask yourself questions about the dream. Another significance of vivid dreams could indicate repressed thoughts from your childhood. These  are thoughts that you have not confronted and these true-life images are appearing in your dreams. Thirdly, vivid dreams  could also mean a past life. Some people do not believe in this notion. I have listed it here and you can decide for yourself. 

Selena Asks (12/12/02):

What do you all think about specific dog breeds? I don't have a dog so a specific dog doesn't seem significant to me.

I believe that a specific dog breed do carry an extra significance. For example, bloodhounds may symbolize your intuition and your ability to "nose out" matters, while a German Shepherd, represents you need to be more on guard and alert. 

However, generally to see dogs in your dream, indicates loyalty and standing up to your own values/beliefs. Of course, for those who have a deathly fear of dogs, their appearance in dreams have a completely different meaning. In this case, the dogs not only represent fear, but also primitive instincts and dangerous emotions that are about to emerge. 

Kenny Asks (12/19/02):

What if you are the one chasing some one else? Then what does that mean?

If you are the one doing the chasing in your dream, then it indicates a solution to a waking issue.  Consider what you are chasing and how it may relate to a goal you have in your waking life. 

Pragyan (12/23/02):

Is it true that early morning dreams usually turn out to be true?

No, it is not true that early morning dreams usually turn out to be true. You may have dreams early in the morning just as you are about to wake up. And as you are waking up, you may be thinking ahead to what the day has in store for you or even what you will wear or what you will eat for breakfast. These random thoughts may incorporate themselves into your dream. Thus these early morning dreams may seemingly foretell your future.

Patti Asks (01/15/02):

I've heard that sugar late at night (such as a big bowl of ice cream before bed) is guaranteed to bring on nightmares. Is this true?

There was been research supporting the correlation of high sugar intake right before going to sleep and having nightmares. Others myths say that it is eating spicy food late at night that will bring on the nightmares. This is however not true.

Javier Asks (02/12/02):

If you dream about a wedding, does it mean someone could die? How are the dreams about weddings and death related?

According to Indian tradition and other folklore, dreaming about a wedding does point to death or severe pain. Various cultures still believe this today. However, psychologists today tend to put more weight on the psychological significance of wedding dreams. The dreamer may be longing for a permanent relationship, security, and home/family life.

Weddings are often related to death in that both refers to some sort of transformation. In dreams, death does not necessarily mean death of the physical body, but can also mean death of an old habit or death of an old relationship. This symbolic death brings about change and new beginnings. Similarly, weddings are seen as a turning point in one's life with new beginnings.

Jackie Asks (03/14/02):

I always have dreams that take place in the dark--never in the daylight. Is this a common way to dream? What does it mean?

Dreams that take place in the dark is an indication that you are exploring your unconscious. Perhaps you are completely repressing things into your unconscious instead of acknowledging them when you are awake. The darkness serves as a form of protection or shield that prevents you from fully seeing the things that you have been repressing and may find difficult to deal with. You are afraid to face your own emotions, secrets and thoughts.

Your dreams of being in the dark may also suggests that you do not know where you are headed in life. You are still trying to discover what kind of goals you want to sent and what you want to get out of life.

Sara Asks (04/22/02):

What is the most common dream that people have?

Based on the emails Dream Moods receive and what we have read, dreams about teeth falling or rotting is by far the most common. Dreams about being chased come in second.

David Asks (02/25/10:

Is it possible to force what you dream about before you fall asleep? I mean, like repeat what you want to dream about, like making it stick in your head? 

It is definitely very possible to "force" a dream. In fact, the technique you described is called "dream incubation." As you are falling asleep, you fixate on a specific scenario or you continually repeat a problem that want answered in your dream.



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