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With nearly 15 years of positive feedback, Dream Moods is the only go-to website for interpreting your dreams!! We are thankful for your comments and are happy to know we were able to help.

April 9, 15: Your interpretations are always spot on in helping me to decipher important things in my sub conscious. Thank you so much!!! --Laura

April 3, 15: Just want to thank everyone at DreamMoods for your website - I use it often and it helps me see what my dream of the night means for me. Thank you so much. --MK 

March 20, 15: Let me tell you you have THE BEST dream interpretations I have EVER encountered! --Corey

March 17, 15: You have no idea how much your dictionary has helped me in the past few years. May all good things be returned to you in some way for all the work you have put into Dream Moods and the much needed help it has brought me. --Nancy

March 16, 15: I just have to write to thank you for this website. I am finally able to make sense of dreams I had 40 or so years ago when I was a child. These dreams have remained with me as nightmares, but after reading the interpretations they were so accurate in telling me what was true for me at that point in my life. These dreams no longer upset me, but have provided insight that I wish I could have had then. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can now turn to my dreams for guidance and wisdom and feel blessed to have them. Warm Regards. --Sharon

Feb 25, 15: This website has been the most accurate of interpretations I've searched. Most of what I look up is exactly what is happening in my life. I've made it a favorite. Thank you.  --Debbi

Feb 13, 15: Amazed by the accuracy! I have been referring to your website for about a month every time my friends or I have a dream. It has never failed to be accurate! It's amazing how your website explains what Is happening in my life perfectly and how the dreams are lining up with recent events! I really appreciate your website and will continue looking up dreams as they happen! I love your website! --Brian

Dec 28, 14: Thank you for Dream Moods. It is truly a great web site that has helped me make sense of my dreams for many years now. --Jim

Nov 12, 14: I have been dropping in on the Dreammoods site for many years now, and would like to thank you for your site. The site's alphabetical symbol entries are numerous, and the interpretations are really helpful, well thought out, and insightful. Thank you again for maintaining this site! --David

Oct 13, 14: Great site. Also very accurate. --DC

Jul 31, 14:  I just want to say thank you for your site, itís helped me SO much! --Cathryn

Jul 18, 14:  Pat yourselves on the back, this is the only website I use now for dream interpretations because it is the most accurate in my experience. Thanks again!

Jun 24, 14:  Thank you so much for your site, I use it nearly everyday & it helps me understand myself & my journey so very much! --Lisa

Jun 24, 14: Thank you so much for sharing this excellent dictionary online. It always makes sense to me. 

Jun 23, 14: First, thank you for compiling such a thorough and informative web-cyclopedia! I've referred to DreamMoods.com to better understand my dreams for at least 15 years now. Your interpretations always bring a new way to think about dreams. Thank you for your insight. --Sara

Mar 8, 14: I love your website, I have been using it for years!  The definitions I find usually feel very accurate and to the point. I just want to affirm you all for how great your website is - on a personal level I'm ashamed that it's taken me so long to ever express my gratitude... unfortunately, I don't express gratitude well,
I'm much quicker to criticize. --J

Feb 9, 14: Thanks for your site; I find it an invaluable tool for personal growth and seeking my own path. Very often I use this site to help me resolve imagery in my waking life which troubles, perplexes or confounds me. --Will

Feb 2, 14: I am just writing you to say Thank you so much. Your website helped me turn what I thought was a horrible recurring dream into something absolutely awesome. I was literally lying awake at night wondering and worrying about why I was dreaming about these certain things and your website helped me relieve all of my worries ! Thank you again. You have no idea how much you helped me! -- Sarah

Jan 20, 14: Thank you for making this website accessible to everyone. May your beautiful intentions always bring you abundance of every kind. Love & Blessings --Glenda

Jan 4, 14: I have read dream interpretations before but this is amazing and scary all at the same time. I am going through an emotional crisis and have been for a while. There were symbols in my dreams that I researched on your website. The interpretations are so exact to my real life situation and emotions. Really shocking.  However, I am comforted in knowing I must not be alone in my feeling. Thank you. --A

Jan 1, 14: Thanks to your dictionary, I discovered what my brain was telling me that I need to do for myself this year! Love the site, the app, all of it! :) --Connie

Jan 1, 14: I'm a long time visitor of your site and I've never seen as accurate as your dream dictionary. --Anon

Dec 18, 13: I have been having some dreams that I needed to find out what they meant. I looked on the Dream Mood and sure enough everything I have been going through in my life at this time. I am so glad to have found your site it has been great to know why I am dreaming these things I cant explain Thank you all so much.  -- Fran

Nov 4, 13: Thank you so much!!! I tell everyone about your website. You're the best! --Ceslo

Sept 17, 13:  Most websites that you contact never act or even reply to a submission. I honestly thought nothing would come of my "new word for you" but am thrilled to see Dream Moods actually reads the suggestions of its users! Just amazed by you guys! Thanks so much for not just reading new word for you but wow, acting upon it. It's nice to see a real human reads, acts, and is even kind enough to reply!!!!! Keep up the excellent work and I will continue to spread just how awesome your site is! Have a great day! --Karen

Sept 6, 13:  I would like to compliment you on your site. Many times in the past few years, I have had some very vivid dreams and after reading the interpretations, I understood them better.  May I add:  EVERY TIME YOUR INTERPRETATIONS WERE SPOT-ON!!! Thanks again. --M

Sept 5, 13:  Hi Thank You for your great work! †I live by your dictionary and use it religiously! †I also have recommended it to all my friends and family. --Celso

Jun 23, 13: been a frequent visitor of your website some years now. it's awesome. It's really helped me learn the symbols that are in my dreams and helped me to learn to understand that part of my life. --Jacqueline

May 21, 13: Thank you for all your help. I come here almost everyday with lots of questions and I always get my answer. You guys are awesome and I love using your site because it is fun and exciting as well as very easy to use and VERY helpful. Thanks again. Keep up the good work. --Bonnita :D 

May 12, 13: Thank you for your accuracy in dream interpretation. In fact your site has kept me strong in the tough times and it really has given me an idea of what God wants me to do in my life. Thanks so much, you are the best!!!!!!!!! --L

May 6, 13: I just wanted to say thank you for having this website. I have very vivid dreams every night and the first thing I do when I wake up is look them up on your site. Everything seems to be so on point with what is currently going on in my life and it gives me a better perspective on things, so thanks again! --Gina

May 6, 13: Just wanted to say thank you for keeping your site up and running; I use your dictionary every time I remember a dream.  -- Ellen

Dec 28, 12: I just wanted to comment on how accurate this website is. I've been to others but yours has the most words and definitions. I just want to thank you for doing what you're doing because this website has helped me a lot with all the crazy dreams I have. You've helped me interpret them to get answers to situationsI didn't know I was feeling. So thank you very much :] --Melanie

Dec 13, 12: I just wanted to say thank you for your website. I always go to Dream Moods whenever I have a dream that needs to be interpreted. This morning was no exception, and the interpretation was spot-on so extremely helpful for determining my next steps in life. You're doing a really good job of helping people with their lives, and with some of the most important things happening to them such as love, family, work, etc. --S

Dec 13, 12: I am very grateful to this website. It's just amazingly true, everyhting in it. --H

Nov 10, 12: I've looked at several dream sites the last couple of years, and Dream Moods is by far the most reliable, professional, and comprehensive. The only thing it's missing is a "Donate" button. --Kevin  

Nov 10, 12: I love your web site I come here nearly everyday (I dream a lot lol) Your web site has really helped me to see all the hidden things inside of my head. And this has given me a newly found confidence in myself and what I truly want. I could go on and on but I'm sure whoever has to read this would hate that ;) but please know your site has helped me greatly and I am very thankful. --Bonnita

Sept 14, 12: I've been using your website for years. It helps me to know myself a lot better. So, thank you! Know that your work is very much appreciated. --Femke

Aug 7, 12: Beautiful and helpful site! I am enjoying how quickly I can look up every aspect of my bizarre dream last night!  --Melanie

Jul 30, 12:  Guys, I don't know how you do it, but i typed in what my dream was about and i got a sensation of chills after I read the passage. It was right on the money. I was stunned. I thought it was just a coincidence so i looked up another theme from my dream. Dead on! You guys are amazing! True Dream readers. Here's a sincere Thanks to you guys for your accurate dream interpreting website. --Elliot

Jun 25, 12: I happened on to your site and I have to tell you how impressed I am with it. Besides being extremely informative, it is very easy to maneuver through. Thanks you for the extra effort! --Amy

May 30, 12: I just wanted to say thanks to the team at Dream Moods for your awesome site. I've been using it for a few years now and I'm always blown away by the accuracy and depth of the results. Keep up the good work! Thanks for the excellent site! --Dean

Apr 30, 12: This website has helped me with not only my personal issues, but with my relationship with my boyfriend and with my work. It's an amazing website! --Samantha

Apr 24, 12: Your site is definitely the best I've ever come across online or in books for interpreting dreams! --Rachel

Apr 10, 12: Just wanted to leave a note that I love your website and will recommend it to my website visitors as an outside link resource. Thank you for creating it :) --Lisa

Apr 6, 12: I wanted to thank you for creating this site. I have frequent nightmares and confusing dreams, and I come to this website almost every morning to understand what is going on-and it almost always makes perfect sense. Thanks so much! --Ashleigh

Apr 3, 12: Just had the most perplexing, vivid dream I've had in ages (last night) and was curious about how to interpret it. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your website. It was so easy to use and I got so much insight into a current issue I'm dealing with... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! --Melanie

Apr 2, 12: Thanks so much for existing. I am so in tune to myself and my dreams thanks to this website. I wake up every morning, write down my dreams and then check the website to decode everything. It really is amazing how relevant everything is in your dreams. Thanks again loves :) --Tate 

Mar 13, 12: I spend a lot of time on your site and with your dream book. I'm also a graphic designer. Just wanted to say kudos to the new look and feel! --Mari

Mar 11, 12: I just woke up from a disturbing dream and I went on to ur site to find out what it means and yet again your spot on. You manage to make sense of my living behaviors that justify / explain my dreams. I'm a huuuuuge fan of your site and been your spokesman for the past few months , telling people in Facebook about ur site because you've ALWAYS been so accurate. Thanks --Laz

Mar 2, 12: Heya Dreammoods! ^_^ Simply wanted to say thank you so very much for taking the time to put together such an amazing website and wanted to say Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! =D For over 5 years of helping me "decode my dreams." --T

Feb 27, 12: I have been using your site a lot lately and I really just wanted to thank you because it has really helped me, I'd say the definitions are spot on about 95% of the time and often times it blows my mind how spot on it is. I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate it, it may seem stupid, they are just dream definitions but I can honestly say it has helped me figure my life out and I can't thank you enough. --- college student and satisfied user 

Feb 23, 13: I have always had really strange dreams I couldn't make the sense out of, so this year, after a couple of memorable confusing dreams, I have decided to make a dream diary. I found your website and when I wrote down the interpretation for my dreams, things started to get really clear. My dreams seem to have no theme at first glance, yet when I read the interpretations, they come with the same theme over and over. I feel that right now I am about to go through a significant shift in my life, and the interpretations help me understand what that shift has to involve. Thank you so much for helping me make sense of what's going on in my subconscious! --Yukari

Jan 29, 12: Hey, I love your website. My wife and I use it all the time, it has really helped us become more aware of our subconscious mind and we recommend it to everyone we know. --Andy

Jan 29, 12: I am a regular visitor of your website. I have found your interpretations very soothing. They have helped me evolve as a person. Also the new look of your website rocks!!

Jan 27, 12: The updated site is great! With my strange dreams, it's good knowing there's a thorough and informative site to access. I recommend it often to friends. --Marsha

Jan 24, 12: Used your website to interpret my dreams as well as a friends dreams .....how amazing!!!! Very interesting, very enlightening, very helpful, thank you so much!!  --Dawn

Jan 27, 12: Hello, I am a frequent user of dream dictionary and it has helped me greatly. I thought it was about time that I extend my gratitude further. It is the most comprehensive, insightful and interesting dream interpretation site out there. It's so easy to use and has a great range of subjects and meanings. Congratulations on this excellent site. --Rosie

Dec 5, 11: I absolutely love your website. Anytime I remember a dream from the night before,  write it down and check it at Dream Moods...It's amazing how accurate it is. --Kristi

Jul 20, 11: I would like to tell you that I love your site, and every time I dream something that really gets my attention, I visit Dream Moods to see what it could mean. It's a great website. --Samantha

Jun 3, 11: I love your website dictionary! Every time I have a strange dream, I look it up on your website and 99% of the time, the meaning is dead on! -- Hayley

Jan 14, 11: I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your website. I use it every morning when I wake up to interpret my dreams. And so far- they've been spot on accurate and I've been going to this site for over a year! So thanks again for this useful website! :) -- Bri

Jan 7, 11: Just wanted to let you know that your website is amazing. I've been going on it for maybe a year now and I absolutely love it. I'd say your dream definitions are at least 90 % of times always relevant to the way I feel like. This makes me to believe that dreams are the subconscious way of the mind to broadcast emotional health through symbols and meanings. -- Chris

Dec 18, 10: I just wanted to say that your dream interpretations are right one the dot correct and sometimes it helps me with my situations. I'm just so surprised sometimes about how correct the entries our on this website! Thank you! --Emily

Dec 12, 10: I use this sight almost daily, I dream all the time and this sight is just amazing. Thanks.-- Elizabeth

Nov 28, 10: Just wanted to email and say how much I love your site. This isn't something I normally do, but I love interpreting mine and other people's dreams due to the huge fascination I have about them. an I just say thanks for such clarity in your explanations; yours is the best I've come across. A friend of the family has had numerous dreams about her teeth rotting and falling out and I jumped on your site and happened to come across the fact that coincidentally she is going through menopause, which explained a hell of alot!-- Jen

Nov 26, 10: Great site, I absolutely love it. Most books and sites I've come across miss the mark completely. I've had such good fortune with your site thus far. I thank you for that. Dreammoods has helped me understand my dreams significantly more than I ever have. You're usually spot on. Thank you for your insight. -- David

Oct 3, 10: want to say THANK YOU SOOOOO VERY MUCH for your website & all of the work & effort you've put into it. I LOVE the guidance of the definitions & want you to know that after checking out many dream websites, it is THE BEST!! --Rose

Sep 13, 10: Congratulations on your website! I have been following it for a long time and I must say that I am always recommending it to friends with dream doubts. Please keep up this good work. Only good can come to you all that are responsible for creating this site. -- Luis

Aug 25, 10: The Dictionary is a great resource and I appreciate the effort to make it available.-- Julie

Aug 8, 10: Wow, I would just like to say i am actually astounded at the accuracy of this website, almost scary!!  i have used this site numerous times and it has been on point, well done!! Thank you very much. --Ollie

Aug 4, 10: I just want to thank everyone who runs DreamMoods.com. Ever since I started translating my dreams I've felt so much more in touch with myself and got to know myself a lot better. Dream Moods is by far the best dream website out there! :) --Kate

Jul 16, 10: Just wanted to say thanks and great job on this site. I use it often and always recommend it to people with 'dreamy' questions! Great job to all concerned. --Becky

Jun 23, 10: I find this to be an amazing, tried and true resource. THANK YOU! -- Joceyln

Jun 23, 10: Amazing wealth of information. I thank YOU so much. -- Vincette

Jun 10, 10: Dreammoods, I wanted to personally thank you guys for the website- I normally would never email, but I've been using dreammoods for about four years now and I think it's really great, not to mention accurate. --Whitney

May 9, 10: Congrats on a REALLY good site with LOADS of pertinent info for amateur and pro!--Colin

Apr 30, 10: First of all, let me just say that I absolutely love your site. It has been immensely useful --Kaitlyn

Apr 29, 10: Thank you so much for creating this website. There's much appreciation for this website in my whole family. So glad the dream dictionary exists! Since my knowledge and use of dreammoods.com I've got a better understanding of myself, and even helped my friends oop! Gotta go! thanks again!

Apr 18, 10:  just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I love this site. I used to refer to a book I bought back in seventh grade, but now that book seems to pale in comparison to your site. I always refer to your site to help with interpreting my dreams.  Thank you so much for all your effort you've put into this site! :)

Apr 1, 10: I am really glad I chose to visit your website. You guys are very insightful, and definitely spot on when it comes to dream interpretation. You guys give specific examples for each item or place or person being interpreted. I often visit websites that are so vague, you can apply the comments to almost any aspect of your life, and there's nothing to be gained. I will continue to visit your website often. Thanks so much! --Stephanie

Mar 28, 10: Thanks, the information seems to be 100% correct concerning my dreams about waves/tidal waves. Thank you again!! --Matthew

Mar 17, 10:  I would just like to say I found your website very interesting. Got alot out of it. Thank you. --Cobie

Mar 12, 10:  I just have to say, I've been using your site for reference to my dreams for years now and it has given me the best insight of any material I have ever found on the subject. -- Becky

Mar 4, 10: I love you guys soooo much. You people have been soo helpful to many. --Justin

Mar 4, 10: Let me first say thank you for a fantastic website!!  It's a job well done, as I am an avid follower.--Andy

Feb 22, 10: I am always checking your dream dictionary whenever I had a dream of something. Keep up the good work and more power to you! --Ken

Feb 2, 10: I wanted to briefly tell you that I love your website and I have been using this website only for years. Thank you --Michele

Jan 23, 10: Thank you for your wonderful web site. It is one of my very favorite places on the net. --Ced

Dec 23, 09: Amazing, Splendid and excellent work by your team. I was astonished when I saw beautiful explanation for even those very hazy dreams. A big and loud applause for whole team working with dreammoods.com. --Kishore

Dec 15, 09: I love this site. I think it's wonderful, organized and easy to navigate.--Jess

Dec 13, 09: I've visited a lot of dream websites and Dreammoods.com is one of my favorites for many reasons. 
What I like about this website is that it has a dictionary that is easy to skim through and packed with all sorts of symbols and signs of dream interpretation. The website is very well organized and maintain. The people maintaining the website do a good job of getting back to their members if there's any questions, at least that's been my experience. There's no exclusion and it�s open to all sorts of people regardless of beliefs. I liked that there's also all sorts of information on dreams, not just dream interpretations but the science of the brain and the psychology of it all. I also like that there is a message board where you are able to connect with other people who are interested in dreams and can share your own dreams with them, as well as read others and help them with interpretations. Another thing that I liked about Dream Moods is that there's a peer adoption thing that lets those more familiar with dreaming to help those that want to learn more about themselves and their dreams. --Anon

Nov 15, 09: I just want to thank for your dream page! It's most perfect website for dreams I've ever seen!! All dreams are there and you don't have to search other places! -- Mina

Nov 10, 09: Thank you soo much. You have helped me understand my emotions and I have then been able to sort them out. Your meanings are clear and I can relate to them easily. BEST WEBSITE EVER!!!!!!!!!! :) Thanks again for all your help! --Shannon

Oct 22, 09: I have been a fan of your site for a couple of years. Your site is the first site I visit when I want to look up a dream meaning. Today when I visited, I thought about all of the helpful information that I've received over the years from your site and�felt the urge to�give a donation, but I didn't see a paypal donate button or a way to contribute to your site anywhere.�Anyways, thanks for providing such�great information for those of us who have such a hard time trying to figure out what our dreams are trying to tell us :-)�I sincerely enjoy your site very much! --Lavern.

Oct 12, 09: Thanks for providing such a great dream dictionary website - I find it very useful either for confirming my own interpretations of dreams or discovering new ones. --Laura

Aug 28, 09: Well done on the great work! -- Kirsty

Aug 20, 09: Thank you for making an amazing website for people to go to if they are not sure what their dream means -- Courtney

Aug 18, 09:  I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful website you have provided. Recently, I have been keeping a diary of the dreams I remember and then I use your site the next day to analyze them. I use the dream dictionary and look-up key words from my dreams. Your dream dictionary has been spot on each time! I am impressed with the level of thought that goes into creating something like this and how accurate it has been. I now firmly believe that the unconscious mind reflects our true emotions and feelings. The level of sophistication is unreal! -- Keith

Aug 2, 09: Dear webmaster, You guys are the best, just simply incredible. I'm going through a pretty tough time, but the accuracy is amazing at saying what is going on. -- Alex

Jul 22, 09: So, I am just saying that dream moods is a wonderful website that is truthful and always correct. My Mother and i both use dream moods. I would recommend dream moods to anyone. I feel that my dreams are sometimes complicated, I look it up on dream moods and whatever it say i think about it and discover it is true.Thanks for bringing my dreams to life. -- Peyton, A dream moods fan

July 13, 09: Dear people behind the scenes of the most helpful site on the web- Thank you so much for making this website. --Stacy 

Jul 06, 09: I've read many books and checked many sites, etc. and have found DREAM MOODS to be the most accurate description ever. I'm intuitive by nature, but looking up my dreams and plugging them into my waking life with the help of your site is really amazing. Keep up the good work. --Jill

Jul 01, 09: I love the interpretations dreammoods provides. I search your site every time I have a dream and the results are great. I just click the letter to search for a particular word relating to my dream and as I roll through the variety of words I usually find other words that relate to my dream that I never thought to look for. I thank you for providing us with your website. --Nora

Jun 25, 09: I just want to thank you for your website. I look at a number of them and yours is the best. Thanks for doing this and all the effort you put in. --Jenny 

Jun 6, 09: Your website was extremely helpful and answered many questions for me! It's greatly appreciated! --Emily 

Jun 1, 09: Thanks for the great site. I put you on my favorites. I'm going to look up these recurring theme dreams that I've been having since I was 4. Yes, I remember them clearly. Thanks, and I hope your site does well so I can keep going. --Cecilia 

May 26, 09: This site is by far the BEST site and dreams source out there available!!! You guys don't know me at all and it's relating to my life so incredibly much, it's unbelievable and fabulous!!! It's the greatest!!! --April 

May 19, 09: I do a lot of work with dreams, but I had some last night that had me totally floored. I found your site and looked up some of the symbols, and WOW, it came through loud and clear! I feel SO much better now. Thank you for your great site, it really helped me out! -- Tim

May 11, 09: Thank you for your dictionary, I am a regular visitor of your site. Congratulations on producing such an intuitive dictionary of dream symbols. --Jacqueline

Apr 20, 09: I would just like to personally thank all of the creators and all the staff of dreammoods.com. This site has really helped me through some issues I have encountered and I can't be happier and more grateful for the site. Once again THANKS!!!!!! --Juston 

Apr 13, 09: Hey guys, your service has benefited me in countless ways. I really appreciate it in every way possible. --Andrew

Apr 8, 09: I have been going to your site pretty often and 99% of the time it is soooo true. It's crazy how it relates to my waking life experiences / life. 

Mar 14, 09: I've just bumped into your website! I was looking for a comprehensive and complete online dream dictionary and I found your website. It is great! Very helpful and the interpretations are adequate and not wishy-washy! Thanks --Malena

Mar 14, 09:  Hi there. I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the accuracy of your suggestions. It was truly fascinating to read what you had and how PERFECTLY it corresponded to my life and situation. Thank you. --Cameron

Feb 12, 09:  I've gotten into dream interpreting this year and I often use your site as a guide. It's a huge help and sometimes scarily accurate! I've been to other dream interpreting sites and none of them are like Dream Moods.  -- Shay

Feb 5, 09:  Hello, I must say that this site is one of the best sites I have ever stumbled across on the internet. It had so many resources of information that I could utilize. I was truly amazed at the amount of information contained within your web site. I have enjoyed navigating the site and have added to my favorites list, I have also referred lots of other people to the site as well. Thank you so much for keeping the site free and fun for all of us to enjoy. --Joshua

Jan 23 09:  I just wanted to say thank you for this site. I have searched for web sites about my dreams and I could never find the web site I was looking for until I found yours. Thank you I love your web site!

Jan 11, 09:  Your website is astounding. It makes me look forward to dreaming at night. And in such a scary way, your interpretations were always correct. Thank you so much. You guys blow every other physic or dream interpreter away! --Amber

Dec 12, 08:  Just writing in to say that I think it is a fantastic site. Helped me to learn loads more about sleep and dreams. Can't wait until my next dream... --Tom

Dec 05, 08:  I just wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with your web site. It's kind of fun looking up my dreams (well, the one's that I can remember). So far, they have been right on the money and that truly amaze/fascinates me. Thanks. --Mike

Dec 04, 08:  Just wanted to send you a quick note to say how much I appreciate the information available on your site. I am always impressed by the amount of definitions. Almost every word I look up is there! Thank you --Erica

Nov 12, 08:  Wow! Your site is AMAZING! It matched perfectly so well with what was going that it was almost kind of creepy... In a good way. Nice job. You have a new... "convert." :D --Nichole

Nov 2, 08:   Thanks for keeping things up and staying tuned in to our dream world. I really appreciate all of your work! --Linda

Nov 2, 08:  Hi, I would just like to say that your website is definitely one of most intriguing things I've ever came across on the internet. I loved every bit of it. =) I will be returning every time I get a dream now ;)! --Kim

Oct 28, 08:   This is by far the best and most informative website on dreams on the Internet. I have been sitting on it since 9am and it is now noon. --Meghan

Oct 11, 08:   I deeply appreciate the effort you have put into this website to give insight for troubled individuals like me. -- Alvina

Oct 8, 08:   I just want to say how impressed I am at the accuracy of your interpretations are.  I don't use anything other than the dictionary. --Cindy

Sep 23, 08:   Please make a book?! I've been trying to find a dream dictionary book and I'm never satisfied. Please, please, please, turn dreammoods.com into a book!! --Katelyn

Aug 30, 08:   dictionary books but nothing has better informed me than your website. --Amanda

Aug 25, 08:   such a great service for everyone out there just by being the best dream interpretation site. Thanks for your great work, and thanks! --Michael

Aug 18, 08:  I have looked at other books, but none seem to compare to how accurate the interpretations are in dreammoods.com. Many thanks. --Emily

Aug 18, 08:   I've been on other sites, but have found THIS site to be the most complete and informative, easiest to use and sensible. Also, the resources you have available to all are invaluable. Thank you for maintaining it. I felt lost without you! --Nichelle

Aug 15, 08:  Hey! I love your website, it's the only one I've used since I've found it. THANK YOU very much for creating and keeping the website up. I just wanted to send an appreciation email to you guys hopefully showing a little of how much I appreciate you're effort for us dreamers to have somewhere to go to talk about our dreams and have people there willing to help us figure out what our dreams are trying to tell us. Once again, THANK YOU! --Brittni

Aug 15, 08:  I don't know what it is, but I get them and I'll wake up confused as can be, and then read about them on your site and be astonished at what I'm reading because it suddenly makes perfect sense (most of the time). I have a friend who uses this site that says its pretty good for her too. So whatever it is you guys are doing. KEEP DOING IT! haha Sometimes reading about them is more surprising than the dream itself.

Aug 15, 08:  Thank you for all the years you have given us advice and inner knowledge of these things we call dreams.

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